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Google’s New Hire to Improve GMail’s Interaction Design

You may not know the name Chanpory Rith but Google did and they just hired him to make GMail look and feel a lot better.

Rith is a talented designer hired away from the firm Dubberly Design Office (DDO) and headed to Mountain View, according to his personal blog. The reason I am excited about what is in store for GMail’s interaction design is that I have written a blog post last year about some of DDO’s work and Rith’s own portfolio is hugely impressive. As a preview for what is in store for GMail, DDO’s tagline is “we help make products more useful, more usable, and more delightful.” As powerful and ubiquitous an application GMail is, I am looking forward to an even more delightful experience.

DDO created an elegant infographic explaining the complex beast that is the Domain Name Registry system in 2003. As mind boggling the relationships and interactions are in the process of just registering your impluse domain purchase, this inforgraphic lays it all out in an eye-pleasing fashion that calmingly explicates the chaos.

Rith’s portfolio is impressive. He brings to GMail experience working on several intelligent and beautifully designed projects notably for DDO, Symantec, PC World, and Adobe. His designs come from a strong usability perspective given his talents as a coder as well. Rith believes that a designer who can code can get closer to the product and presumably obtain the necessary perspective that enhances the interactive experience.

Another cool thing I learned from Rith is a neat way to link to your own Google+ profile. He created a directory called “+” on his blog server and it redirects to his profile: http://chanpory.com/+

This is pretty cool trick for anyone who uses a personalized domain for their blog and website, especially using their name. If you are familiar with self hosting and working on back-end management, all you need is a simple redirect using an .htaccess file to point towards your profile on Google+. I have applied this to my own profile, so you can find me on Google+ at http://anthonyjgarcia.com/+.

Keep a look out for some exciting things in the works with GMail, they certainly have the talent to create the next level of user interaction with your inbox.

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